The Museum of Lyckholm

The Museum of Lyckholm was restored in 1995/96 in the authentic style from the ruins of the former stable (18th century). The restoration works were led by dr. Gustav Fhrh. von Rosen and his wife Lore (born Crety). The opening took place on the1st of March 1997.

On the ground floor of 300 sq meters there are more than 300 exhibits in 3 rooms. On the 1st floor there is a summer apartment of 100 sq meters.
The first room introduces the history of Saare, starting from the 2nd of July when tsar Peter the Great sailed to Haapsalu and passed Saare and Skanskopli, up to the present day. The focus in this hall is on the Republic of Estonia in 1918-1940 that was a happy, yet difficult time for the Saare people.

In the other rooms there are tools that were used in farming at that time. Bigger tools such as ploughs, harrows, wagon, sleigh etc are displayed on an authentic cobblestone floor. Handicraft tools, household tools and other domestic tools are presented in another room with a natural limestone floor. You can see a complete ancient workbench, a spinning wheel, tool for threshing flax and other tools for processing flax, tools for wood sawing, tools for making butter, bread and sauerkraut, a bow net etc.
Each item is catalogued and has the name of the previous owner on.
Entrance fees:
Grownups 1.30 €
Senior citizens 1.00 €
Students 0.50 €
Groups 1.30 €/prs (incl. guided tour)
The Museum of Lyckholm: Saare village, Noarootsi Parish 91205, Läänemaa County
The Museum is open only in summer:
Wednesday-Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.
Groups (more than 15 people) are kindly asked to book the visit beforehand. Groups will be accompanied by an Estonian-speaking guide.
For further information please contact: phone: +372 56988440 or e-mail:


Special packages for groups

Groups of 40-45 people 330 € (for smaller groups ask for the fee).
The fee includes a guide, all entrance fees and a coffee-break.
We are welcoming you on the picturesque Noarootsi peninsula for an active and pleasant holiday.
During a 5-6 hour trip we will visit the Dirham Port that holds a significant value for the Estonian transit, the Põõsaspea cape from where you can see a unique view to Osmussaare Island, the recently restored cozy chapel of Rooslepa and sandy Roosta beach. We will travel through the Aulepa wind farm, visit the St. Catherine’s Lutheran Church and Rectory in Noarootsi, the Österby port facing the panorama of Haapsalu, the bird-watching tower at the Sutlepa sea, the Museum of Lyckholm and the Saare Manor where home-baked cake and coffee/tea will be served. We will walk in the Manor Park in Pürksi and along the oak alley where the oaks by ambassadors who have visited Noarootsi have been planted. We might even go to a local home.
During the whole trip you will be accompanied by a competent guide who speaks about our history and the local lifestyle.
It is possible to have lunch in the Saare Manor on request.
Booking by e-mail:
Phone: +372 56988440, Anu Kari.